Build an online business around producing and selling exclusive live video shows to your audience, who want to see more of you.

Step 1

Become Our Influencer Partner

If you have an engaged audience who would love to see more of you, you're at the right place. Become our partner and start monetizing your premium content. But first, we want to know you a little better.

Step 2

Schedule your Pay-Per-View Live Video Show

After you become our partner, just simply download the app, set the pledge required to join your show, schedule it and promote it through your social media channels.

Step 3

Your Fans Pledge to Join the Show.

Your fans click on the link you promoted on social media, pledge the amount you set on your web profile and download the app. Also, they can pledge after downloading, directly in the app.

Step 4

Go Live and let the Show Begin

Go live simply with a click of a button. All the fans who pledged to join your show are notified through push notifications directly on their phone. During the broadcast, they can interact with you through chat in real time.


Viewers can interact with you in real-time by sending you chat messages.


Peep provides low-latency broadcasting, making it a real-time watching experience.